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What is Soursop?

Soursop is a fruit native to South America and the Caribbean.  In some parts it is also known as Graviola.

What does it look like?

On the outside, Soursop has thick green, spiny skin and is often somewhat oval in shape.

soursop - outer skin
Soursop – outer-skin

When cut open, it’s flesh is white and fibrous and has multiple large black seeds.  The inside core resembles that of a pineapple.



soursop - inside
Soursop – what it looks like inside

What does it taste like?


It’s taste is somewhat reminiscent of citrus while at the same time having a pleasant rich and creamy flavor of a coconut.

Why should I eat it?

Not only does Soursop taste good, it’s also rich in Vitamin C and dietary fiber.

How can I use it?

After peeling off the skin, cut the fruit in half lengthways.  Take the core out and using your fingers or a spoon remove the black seeds.

The remaining flesh can be chopped up and placed into a bowl or serving dish and eaten as is.  It can also be blended with juices to make punches, smoothies or fruit bars.

Click here for simple Soursop punch recipe.